Liferay IntelliJ 1.9.4 Plugin Released

The new Liferay IntelliJ 1.9.4 plugin supports IntelliJ 2021.2 and 2021.2.1. Head over to this page for downloading.


Release Highlights

  • improvements on new liferay module wizard

  • upgrade sinceBuild to 212 and fix compatibility issues

  • support creating a maven workspace using target platform

  • bug fix for rerun server button inside of a maven workspace

  • improvements on liferay docker server

    • add validation on adding a liferay docker server

    • delete docker image and container when removing docker server

    • more support on starting a liferay docker server in debug mode

  • Bug fixes





If you run into any issues or have any suggestions please come find us on our community forums or report them on JIRA (INTELLIJ project), we are always around to try to help you out. Good luck!