Liferay IDE 3.1 Milestone 1 Released

Hello all,

First off I wanted to let everyone know that we have released a new milestone for Liferay IDE 3.1 You can install it into your Eclipse using below updatesite below:

For full list of download see this page.

Code Upgrade Tool

Its been awhile since we have released a new update to Liferay IDE, but it isn't because we haven't been building stuff :).  Actually we have been working hard on a new Code Upgrade Tool that will easy upgrades from Liferay Portal 6.2 to Liferay 7.0/DXP specifically helping developers upgrade projects to 7.0.  Since this new upgrade tool is brand new we are rolling it out in several milestones, with the first one having support for upgrading Liferay 6.2 Plugins SDK projects to 7.0 either using new Liferay Workspace based on new gradle plugins or legacy 7.0 Plugins SDK.

Integrated into the Code Upgrade Tool is a better way to find all of the places in your code that you need to migrate to 7.0 APIs.  We now search through your code as compared to our own published "Breaking Changes" list and find instances, mark them with Eclipse markers, where you were using those now broken API calls.  Then we either can fix it for you automatically or give you contextual documentation that will help you manually resolve the issue.

Maven Support

We now have new Maven support for new Liferay Module Project Wizard.  One of the newest project template types is the theme template which supports building themes using new maven plugins.   Along with the new maven plugins, new m2e project lifecycles have been added to seemlessly support new Liferay 7.0 maven plugins such as css-builder and theme-builder (more on those in a later blog)

Along with maven support we have added many new templates available from Blade CLI version 2.0 (more info on this in later blog post)

We have added back the "New Liferay Module Fragment" wizard that makes it easier to create OSGi fragments based on existing Liferay modules.

Gradle Dependency Help

If you have some code in one of your Liferay modules that needs to import a package from a Liferay module that is deployed to your server, but you aren't for sure which artifact and version that it comes from, we now offer a quick fix for those packages that come from Liferay and we can automatically add the correct gradle dependency for that.

Since Liferay developers can now write modular applications using OSGi, many developers will be writing new DS Components.  So we are trying to make this process easier with code assist and code templates for editing DS component classes.  More on both of these features will show up in future blog posts.

Updates and Feedback

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Code Upgrade Tool in Milestone-2 as we will be adding Maven support for Code Upgrade Tool (so that maven plugins can be more easily upgraded to 7.0)

If you run into any issues or have any suggestions please come find us on our community forums and ask a question, we are always around to try to help you out.

Good luck and let us here from you!

Hi Greg, the code upgrade tool looks very interesting given the changes in 7.0. However do you have an ETA on when you you expect the milestone build to be released with maven support in the code upgrade tool? Thanks Vivek.