Liferay IDE 1.3 Released

Liferay IDE 1.3 Now Available to Download

A new stable release of Liferay IDE, version 1.3, is now available now on the stable update-site URL for existing Helios users here:

If you already have Liferay IDE installed in Eclipse Helios you can check for updates to pull down the new release.  If you are has Eclipse Indigo installed, here is the stable update-site URL for Indigo:

The detailed installation guide for Liferay IDE can be found here.  However, it has not been updated with the latest URLs for installing 1.3 but you can use either of the URLs above depending on your Eclipse version.

Liferay IDE 1.3 New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the important features that have been released for this release:

  • Eclipse Indigo support
  • Remote Liferay Server support for deployment, debugging, etc
  • New Service Builder Editor 
  • Vaadin projects now supported for 6.0.x SDKs
  • Required deployment context support (More info in upcoming blog)
  • Alloy Taglib support
  • Better support for Liferay Plugins SDK in workspace

I will be blogging more about each one of these new features in more detail in the days to come.  If you have any installation or upgrade issues please ask me over in the Liferay IDE forums

Good luck!

I would be interested in a more precise description or a tutorial on the Remote Liferay Support feature !

It seems very interresting, bug i've no idea how to use it ...
I'll be posting a followup blog on the remote Liferay server support however, this support will only be available in Liferay 6.1 which is not released yet. But I've added early support for it in the IDE.

How should be specified Runtime stub directory for a remote server?
Hello Gregory,

is it possible to configure the IDE to accept a Liferay 6.1.0 (trunk build) together with a Tomcat 7?

In the server configuration Tomcat 6 is always a requirement.

Thanks for the nice IDE and your support.

HI Gregory,

I m using Jboss as AS. How shoud be set the Runtime stub directory?

Many thks for your help
Thanks for the update Greg. Wish to see lot of features added in this new release. Will try out and pass on feedback.
Hey H B

You can set the runtime stub directory to a tomcat bundle. You don't have to use tomcat but I just need the libraries that are bundled inside of the Liferay tomcat bundle as the runtime stub.
Hi Alex,

Right now only Tomcat 6 bundled with Liferay 6.x is supported for starting tomcat locally.
Will there be a better Unit-Test Support in the future? It would be great to write tests without doing a lot of manual configuration. Especially when using service builder, I do not want to touch the generated (spring) configuration files and destroy something by accident. A default test setup would be really nice...
Testing support is one of the things we have recently added to our roadmap for the IDE later in the year.