Liferay Faces Project News - July 2014

Liferay Faces Showcase

The Liferay Faces team has been hard at work on the new Liferay Faces Showcase which demonstrates the new JSF components we are developing. Many of the components utilize Liferay's AlloyUI technology (which is based on YUI3 and Twitter Bootstrap).

Component Design Features:

  • The new AlloyUI JSF components will work with Liferay Faces 4.2 (JSF 2.2) and Liferay Faces 3.2 (JSF 2.1)
  • Although the new AlloyUI JSF components require Liferay Portal 6.2, they will also work in a plain webapp!
  • When running in a plain webapp, the new AlloyUI JSF components provide the YUI3 and AlloyUI 2.0.0 JavaScript resources automatically.
  • Our goal is to have the new AlloyUI JSF components be able to exist in the same JSF view as ICEfaces/PrimeFaces/RichFaces components. This should be technologically possible since this was one of the original design goals of JSF, and the other component suites are based on jQuery.

Stay tuned for a technology preview in the coming weeks! smiley

Facelet Tag Library Namespaces

Liferay Faces is an umbrella project that is comprised of several sub-projects. In order to make it easier to identify which components are associated to a sub-project, we decided to simplify the Facelet Tag Library namespaces:

Namespace Prefix Sub-Project
alloy: Liferay Faces Alloy
bridge: Liferay Faces Bridge
portal: Liferay Faces Portal 

Team Members

Back in January of 2014, Liferay's Bruno Basto became a contributor to our team by helping us develop a code generator for AlloyUI JSF components.

Since then Kyle Stiemann has made the code generator more robust which has strengthened the overall quality of the software. Kyle has also developed JSF components like alloy:button, alloy:commandButton, alloy:icon, alloy:inputDate, and alloy:panelGroup.

Vernon Singleton has developed JSF components like alloy:outputText, alloy:outputRemainingChars, alloy:selectOneRadio, alloy:selectStarRating, alloy:selectThumbRating, and alloy:accordion.

I've been working on the Showcase portlet itself, and also developing components like alloy:inputSourceCode, alloy:tabView, etc. Working on the Showcase has been lots of fun because it is built with Liferay Faces.

Again, stay tuned for our technology preview in the coming weeks!smiley

-- Neil

Left to right: Bruno Basto, Kyle Stiemann, Vernon Singleton, and Neil Griffin