Liferay DXP(EE) Only, Visualize your workflow.

As a supervisor of my department, some times I want to check how much progress of a work is done, who is working on a certain trading? who is reviewing a loan application? If a new business plan application is getting stuck for 2 weeks who is in charge of that? I want more information than a simple word pending...


With workflow out of the box, you can't review any certain workflow's execution log without being assigned. However, the workflow has all the data you need, just need a little effort to achieve it.


In Liferay DXP there's a plugin called Kaleo Designer. You can design your workflow on a graphic panel by dragging and dropping nodes like tasks, states, conditions and transitions conveniently.

I see this plugin more than a designer, it can actually display any workflow definition. With integrating with log it can highlight the nodes with different color for different information. So you can display your workflow for each workflow instance like this:

Right now this kind of customization can only be done on Liferay DXP(EE).

If you are a DXP subscription client, please feel free to contact me, I would donate my solution for free.