Liferay DXP Demo videos

I did 9 videos to demostrate Liferay DXP and I uploaded them on youtube:


Video 1: Introduction to Liferay DXP and the Demo

Video 2: Liferay DXP Page & Content creation, Content Templates , localization, Workflow.

Video 3: Liferay DXP Content permission, Asset publisher, Search

Video 4: Liferay DXP Audience Targeting

Video 5: Liferay DXP Staging

Video 6: Liferay DXP Document Management

Video 7: Liferay DXP Blog, WIKI, Knowledge based

Video 8: Liferay DXP Forms and Integration.

Video 9: Liferay DXP Collaboration and Intranet use case demo.

Great Videos Fady. Would you be able to share the Google charts template?