Liferay Developer Studio and Liferay IDE 1.6.1 released

Just before the holidays I'd like to let everyone know about the two most recent releases of Liferay developer tooling.  Back in November, we released a bug-fix release of Liferay IDE version 1.6.1.  Now today we are releasing a new release of Liferay Developer Studio v1.6.1.  This release is primarily for bringing Developer Studio up-to-date with the latest Liferay IDE release along with some additional bug fixes from the previous Studio 1.6.0 release.  This new version of Developer Studio also includes all of the latest fix-packs for the bundled Liferay Portal and Plugins SDK as well.

Just to recap the previous Liferay Developer Studio release, the most notable feature was the new Kaleo Designer for Java that you can see a demo of here.  
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
Hi Victor,
I am using 1.6.1 Liferay developer studio, may be basic question I have a plugin project when sdk all it is deploy all thats fine , just I want to know can I deploy only jsp's for this plugin project. I had a look forum and tried custom jsp hook not succeded because seems it is meant for only to override portal jsps ?

if we have another option Liferay -->sdk--->jsp deploy that will be great feature i hope
Sorry Greg typed as Victor
What is the tentative timeline on liferay developer studio 2.0? We are planning to start our development for next portal projects which are going to be on LR6.2 EE. So we would like to know about the timeline for the developer studio. If its going to be a while, can we still use current(1.6.3) version of developer studio for 6.2 target runtime?