Liferay 7.1 Community Beta Program

Welcome to the Liferay 7.1 Community Beta Program!
During the Liferay 7.0 development cycle we launched the Community Expedition program.  With over 600 participants this was one of our largest and most successful community programs to date.  It is in large thanks to our awesome community who was instrumental in the success of Liferay Portal 7.0.  
It is with great pleasure that I announce our next community initiative: Liferay 7.1 Community Beta Program.  The main goal for this program is to ensure that Liferay 7.1 meets your expectations by giving you the opportunity to provide vital feedback and bug reports during the duration of the 7.1 testing cycle.  The program will once again be hosted on the Liferay Developer Network and is scheduled to begin in early March.  

Why participate?

Besides the gratitude you’ll receive from the Liferay Community (and the Liferay QA, Engineering, and Release teams), other reasons to join include:
  • Get a heads up on new features in Liferay 7.1.
  • Help test your upgrade to make sure everything works as smooth as possible.
  • Engage other members of the community (including Liferay staffers).
  • Gain credit towards the Liferay Top Contributor award.
  • Receive a small token of our appreciation for your efforts.

Joining the Community Beta Program

The Liferay 7.1 testing cycle will begin with the first Alpha release of Liferay 7.1 and will conclude when GA1 is released.  This will be a shorter testing cycle then we have had previously so timing is of the essence.  What you will need to do is to download a new pre-release when it becomes available, try out the new features highlighted on the beta program site (more details soon) and provide your feedback and report bugs to Liferay.  Here’s how to sign up:
  1. Sign up for the program.  This let’s us know more about you and what your interests and environment are.  Once we are ready to launch the program we will send a follow-up email with more instructions.
  2. When a new pre-release (Alpha, Beta, RC) is released, we will provide an announcement on the beta program site with any important details for the release.  Be sure to download the pre-release and provide feedback and bug reports in the Forum on the beta program site.
  3. If you run into any problems or just have questions in general about the release, feel free to post in the Forum on the beta program site.
We look forward to your involvement with our community and hope that you will learn a lot about the release and meet some new faces along the way!

Now Live

Liferay 7.1  Community Beta Program is now live!! Join today:

Tried to register for the beta program. No acknowlegment, no reaction.
What can I do?
I agree with Mirto, some confirmation email would be highly appreciated (at least that the submission has been received).
Even though I joined the beta program. I was too curious so I proceeded to build the 7.1 and start the exploration. I wrote some notes here