Liferay 6.2 CE GA6 Now Available

I'm very happy to announce the release of Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA6! Download it now: [Tomcat Bundle] [JBoss Bundle] [GlassFish Bundle] [Source Code] [Other bundles and Files] [Quick Start] [Detailed Install Instructions].

This is a minor update to address a significant incompatibility discovered in our community with Liferay  Sync. As Liferay 7 is right around the corner, we wanted to do this release so that those of you staying on 6.2 will be able to use Sync (and other mobile apps that heavily rely on JSONWS). No new features are added, and only these 9 commits are included.

The release also includes the latest Sync Connector plugin, so that you do not need to update it separately.

Release Naming

Following Liferay's official versioning scheme, this release is Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA6. The internal version number is 6.2.5.  See below for upgrade instructions from 6.2.x, 6.1.x, 6.0.x, and 5.x.


You can find the 6.2 CE GA6 release on the usual downloads page (it might take an extra day to get this page updated, so use the above download links in the meantime). If you need additional files (for example, upgrade SQL scripts or dependency libraries), you can find them at the bottom of the downloads page.

Maven Artifacts

Developers can (or should be able to in the next day or so) find this release in our Maven repository, and it should be showing up on Maven Central in the near future. As a reminder, you can also find Maven artifacts for Liferay 7 Preview & Beta Releases (here's one of them) in the liferay-previews repository!

Source Code

As Liferay is an open source project, many of you will want to get at its guts. The source is available as a zip archive on the downloads page, or in its source code repository on Github. The repository has also been tagged for the release (as a reminder, the liferay-plugins repo no longer gets tags for portal releases as the plugins are de-coupled from core). Many community contributions went into this release, and hopefully many more in future releases! If you're interested in contributing, take a look at our new participate page on the Liferay Developer Network.

What's New / Changed?

This update fixes a JSONWS incompatibility introduced in GA5. If you are experiencing issues with Sync with GA5, you'll need to update to this release. Even if you don't use Sync, you should update to this release, as the issue could affect other apps that use JSONWS. Part of the fix is in the sync-connector plugin, which is bundled with this release.


The Liferay Documentation Team has been continuously adding and improving on the official documentation. This includes updated javadoc and related reference documentation, updated tutorials and learning paths, and a new home on the Liferay Developer Network.

Our community has been instrumental in identifying the areas of improvement, and we are constantly updating the documentation to fill in any gaps. Check out Rich's blog for more detail on how you can get involved.

Support Matrix

Liferay has published the official compatibility matrix for 6.1 and 6.2. This is the official support matrix for our Enterprise Subscription customers, but it's a pretty good reference for CE as well.

Liferay Marketplace

Most Liferay-authored Marketplace plugins were updated to support 6.2 GA1 when it was first released, and remain compatible with this updated GA6 release.

If you are a Marketplace Developer, and have authored a 6.2 CE GA1-GA5-compatible app, you should ensure your app continues to work with this 6.2 CE GA6 release. It is Liferay's aim to remain compatible within a given release family, so in the unlikely event that your app works with GA5 but NOT GA6, you will need to make any necessary changes and re-submit, and let the Marketplace team know about any incompatibilities you discovered. Chances are you will have nothing to do (since you declared compatibility with 6.2.0+, which includes 6.2.5).

Bug Reporting

As always, the project continues to use to report and manage bug and feature requests. If you believe you have encountered a bug in the new release (shocking, I know), please be cognizant of the bug reporting standards and report your issue on, selecting the 6.2.5 CE GA6 release as the value for the Affects Version/s field.


Good news for those of you on 6.0 or prior! Liferay introduced the seamless upgrade feature with Liferay 6.1. Seamless upgrades allow Liferay to be upgraded more easily. In most cases, pointing the latest version of Liferay to the database of the older version is enough. There are some caveats though, so be sure to check out the Upgrading Liferay information on the Liferay Developer Network for more detail on upgrading to this release.

Getting Support

Support for Liferay 6.2 CE comes from the wonderful and active community, from which Liferay itself was nurtured into the enterprise offering it is today. Please visit the community pages to find out more about the myriad avenues through which you can get your questions answered, and check out the new Liferay Developer Network for technical resources during your Liferay journey.

Liferay and its worldwide partner network also provides services, support, training, and consulting around Liferay via its Enterprise Subscription.

What's Next

Of course we in the Liferay Community are interested in your take on the new features in Liferay 6.2 and the updates in this GA5 release. We've been working on the next evolution of Liferay, based on user feedback and community ideas, and work is nearing completion. If you are interested in learning more, join our expedition team and see what's under the hood of Liferay 7!

As I mentioned earlier, we do regular open source releases of Liferay Portal every 6 months, until the next major release. So if you find bugs in this or previous releases, and want to up their priority to get them fixed, be sure to use JIRA and vote for your favorite issues! The next CE release will most likely be based on Liferay 7.


This release was produced by Liferay's worldwide portal engineering team, and involved many hours of development, testing, writing documentation, translating, testing some more, and working with the wider Liferay community of customers, partners, and open source developers to incorporate all sorts of contributions, both big and small. We are glad you have chosen to use Liferay, and hope that it meets or exceeds your expectations!

In addition to Liferay's engineering staff, a special thanks goes to the many open source developers who volunteered their time and energy to help with the release, whether it was bugfixing, idea generation, documentation, translations, testing, or other contribution that helped to improve this release. Check out the Community Contributor Hall of Fame and be sure to thank them if you run across them in the community (or add your name if you have contributed and are not listed).

Just installed on an existing GA 5 version, got:

"Upgrading from 6204 to 6205 is not supported"

on startup, does this mean that I can't upgrade from a GA5 version? Or, that there are no db changes in GA6 and therefore no upgrade is required?

Crossing my fingers that the jsonws Websphere bug is fixed...

Please ignore the error, believe we had an installation issue, it's runs fine in our env.

However, sadly, it does not fix the fact that JSONWS are still broken in Websphere using root context. And, Content Targeting doesn't work in non-root context (anywhere), so, we have to choose which one we want more (we want both!).