Liferay Developer Studio 1.6.0 with Kaleo Designer for Java released

Today we are pleased to announce the latest release of Liferay Developer Studio version 1.6.0.  Here on my blog I usually just cover Liferay IDE releases, so just to bring everyone up to speed, Liferay Developer Studio is our own branded Eclipse-based product that is built on top of Liferay IDE along with some additional enterprise features (e.g. WebSphere server adapter).  It also contains the latest versions of Liferay Portal EE and Plugins SDK bundled and pre-configured to work out of the box.

The most notable features for this latest 1.6.0 release are:

  • Kaleo Designer for Java - Eclipse-based visual designer for Kaleo workflows that is specifically geared for Java developers (see more details below).
  • Liferay Portal 6.1 EE GA2 support - Bundled latest versions of Liferay Portal 6.1 EE GA2 along with Plugins SDK and sample projects.
  • Liferay IDE 1.6.x - bug fixes from community editon release

If you're ready to give it a try, you can download a trial version here.

Kaleo Designer for Java

Liferay Portal EE already contains a visual Kaleo workflow designer built-in to the Kaleo Forms application.  However, we wanted to create a new tool directly targeted at back-end Java developers, so we decided to add this to our Eclipse-based dev environment, Liferay Developer Studio.  The Kaleo Designer for Java is a multi-page editor that allows editing of Kaleo workflows either as a visual diagram or a XML source editor.  There are also related tools, wizards, and property views, content-assist associated with this visual editor that most Eclipse Java developers have become accustomed to with other tooling.    The biggest productivity enhancements for Java developers in this version is the integration of the Java/Groovy script editor for editing Kaleo workflow action and condition scripts and the Freemarker/Velocity template editor for creating notofication templates.

There will be more available articles and extended documentation about the Kaleo Designer for Java in the upcoming weeks, but for now, instead of posting a lot of screenshots, we decided to record a short demo video instead.

If you are a Java developer and need to create a new or modiify an existing workflow process in Liferay,  I hope you will give Kaleo Designer for Java a try.



Awesome! I needed IDE features in the actions scripts badly.
Is the license for Kaleo Designer for Java tied to EE license? Or can it be bought separately?

The license for Liferay Developer Studio (which includes Kaleo Designer for Java) is tied to Portal EE license. It can't be bought separately.
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i have downloaded Liferay-development ... but now Rar file want a Password.. ?
i have downloaded Liferay-development ... but now Rar file want a Password.. ?