Just a quick update...

There have been some questions as to what exactly the selenium tests are testing. So, Mike and I have taken some time and taken a full inventory of every selenium automated test we run and documented their function. You can find a full list of tests and descriptions that accompany what exactly the test is doing on a new wiki page:

Sorry the formatting is not the best, but I wanted to get the information out to anyone who would find it useful as soon as possible. Maybe someone out there will want to make some readability improvements to the wiki article? Eh? Cheers to being better informed!

-jr out

PS. Thanks to Jorge ( and others who made the new Liferay Wiki possible.



How can i run selenium test cases, where can i get sample test cases for existing liferay portal/portlets.
Hi Faisal-
First I would point you to the Selenium Wiki article (
That article should be relatively comprehensive in terms of information about the Selenium test cases and how to run them.

You can see the sample test cases by downloading the portal source and checking ../portal-web/test/com/liferay/portalweb/..