Join the community to translate Liferay Portal 7.1 into your language!

Everyone wants to see Liferay Portal in their native language, and version 7.1 will support up to 45 different languages. On the road to the release of Liferay 7.1 we are launching the Community Translation Team to drive the translation process. Read this post to find out why and how you can help to make Liferay Portal available in the languages you speak.

Liferay Portal is used by people and companies in many different countries, and everyone wants to see the portal in their own language. As part of the release process of Liferay Portal 7.1, one of the tasks we care about is the translation process.

As always, the translation process is something in which the community really helps a lot because no one knows how to find the best translation better than the native speakers using Liferay Portal every day.

This time we have made changes to the translation mechanism, introduced an online Localization Management Platform to manage translations, and we are also creating the Community Translation Team (CTT).

Why should I join?

In a single sentence, you should join because you, as a native speaker of place-your-language-here, are the best are the best authority on how Liferay should look in your language.

There are many other reasons why we are excited about your participation:

  • Help to make Liferay Portal be more accessible by adding support to a growing number of different languages
  • Make it easier for developers, users and people in general that speak your language to use Liferay Portal sites
  • Receive gratitude from the Liferay community and the various Liferay engineering teams
  • Engage and build connections within the Liferay community

I'm in. How do I join?

The Liferay 7.1 Community Translation Team is already set up. All the resources are uploaded to the translation tool we are ready for you to start contributing. The process and tool are described on the Instructions page.

To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a free account at Crowdin and configure your profile with the languages you speak
  2. Search for the 'Liferay Portal' project and join to start translating one or more languages
  3. Suggest the best translation for strings, labels and messages

We look forward to your involvement with our community!

Now Live

Liferay 7.1 Community Translation Team (CTT) is now live!! Join today:

Two questions:

Does this mean you are moving away from the old setup where some of us were team leaders auditing the suggestions? (Well, I guess in my case mostly auditing my own suggestions ;))

Seems the forum is read only?
Hey Brendan,

You are right, we are changing a couple of things for next release translation process:

1) We are using Crowdin as translation platform instead of Pootle
2) We have also created the new Community Translation Team at instead of the former Translation activity at the Community Wiki.

Regarding the roles, in Crowdin the equivalent role for Team Leaders would be the Proofreaders. So, in order to be able to review and approve suggestions, we need to asign you the proofreader role for Norwegian. Let me know when you have joined Crowdin.

Finally, the forums should be open for every member of the CTT. So, please check that you have logged in (or maybe you need to Sign up) at

If , still after logging in, you are not able to open a discussion or reply to others, let me know to check it.
Thanks David!

1. I already created an account yesterday and started translating, so if you would grant me the role, that would be great emoticon

2. Still the same issue. I'm logged on (and signed up) but there is still no option to post anything anywhere in the new forum (probably why it still is devoid of any posts?)