How to take knowledge transfer in a discussion for Liferay engagement - Part 1

Here is a list of points which will help in taking a knowledge transfer for a Liferay engagement - Part 1:

1. Check which products of Liferay are in use: DXP, Commerce, Analytics and / or Cloud LXC

2. Take the list of osgi/configs & osgi/modules to get configurations of osgi modules and such

3. Check and 

4. Understand the functional flow of usecase fully and draw sequence diagrams for the flows 

5. Check control panel in terms of what is in use like number of private / public pages, server administration, OOTB portlets / apps used, web content, templates, foundation, search, instance / virtual settings, redirects, configurations, LDAP, SSO, system properties  

6. Check theme and style books

7. Get information on file-store, index server, database, clustering and deployment via deployment architecture 

8. Check CI/CD & developer environment details in terms of integration and pipeline

9. Check sizes of file-store and database

10. Get details on type of custom portlets, UI frameworks in use and Liferay DevStudio usage

11. Check integrations with Liferay and the ecosystem like deployment on in-prem infra and cloud deployment

12. Check CPU / memory usage and errors that frequently come from logs. Get logs for last 7-15 days

13. Check the ecosystem of code quality, monitoring & performance tools if any are present 

14. Get a list of problems from developers, inputs from functional managers, any roadmap, upgrade plans for future usage