Geek ladies and gentlemen… I’m very happy to announce -> “/dev/24 is coming”

From November 29th through December 1st

                                                     Woohoo !!!

The online gathering made by the community to the community

              From November 29th through December 1st


                          … As always, good events must be repeated …

Created in the middle of the Covid pandemic in 2020, this will be our 3rd edition of  /dev/24 { yeaaaahhh!! :clapping: } 

To whom is this event? 

 Let me give you a quick overview:

  • This is a community event, the chain of knowledge.

  • A place to share our discoveries, knowledge,doubts, discussion... about our experience.

  • Totally free of cost (well… you will need an internet connection).

  • A fun way to teach and learn everything on Liferay 7.4.

  • Share knowledge and experience regarding recent trends.

Summarizing... For those of you who love to code or love to see how such an amazing way Liferay Community Edition evolves… you all are invited to join us on /dev/24, being a volunteer, a speaker and an attendee.



the Good News is -> the Presentation Submission will open soon:

                  const saveTheDate -> blockYourAgenda();

The event will be hosted in 2 sessions of 12 hours each, November 29th through December 1st. 

I know… 2 sessions in 3 days?? Yes, because this year we have new surprises. We recommend you keep an eye out for them.

           let nextDays -> willBePublishedURLToSubmittPresentations();

See you there! Let's make this event even bigger this year! Let’s breathe technology for 24 hours by learning together about this low-code future!



Would you like to participate in the agenda committee, or help organize? As always, we welcome volunteers. Please contact us at

                                                            ... See you \o/ ...


Sadly I can't participate to the Dev24 because of a wedding that takes place at exactly the same time.

But I will take a moment there and think about Liferay and all the fun we had!!

Cheers Fredi