Full RESTful Integration of Liferay and OpenX

Full RESTful Integration of Liferay and OpenX -

A generic solution for full RESTful integration of Liferay 5.1 (or above) and OpenX (2.6) is ready finally.

Enjoy this solution with Real Demo;

Find detailed information at Full RESTfull Integration

How do we integrate it in Liferay?

Here are the processes to integrate OpenX in Liferay.

  • Consume RESTful services from Ad Server in OpenX;

  • Prepare Manage Ads portlet to manage ads in Liferay;

  • Prepare Ad Viewer portlet to publish Ad Banners;

  • Deploy these two portlets (Manage Ad portlet and Ad Viewer portlet) in Liferay

 The features, setting up ads (the banners) via Manage Ads portlet, include:

  • Displaying ads (that is, a set of banners) based on a specific day; for example, in Christmas, showing banner of GUND;

  • Displaying ads based on general day; for example, on Monday, displaying the Fisher-Price; on Tuesday, displaying the banner of GUND;

  • Displaying ads based on percentage for a given day; for example, on Tuesday, displaying GUND 40% and Fisher-price 60%.

 We can use ads server OpenX to manage companies' information including banners (called Ads repository) as well as alfresco server for content repository. At the same time, we can get complete control of banners and campaigns along with a tracking ability. And furthermore, we can do more tasks as follows. 

  • Provide version feature for Ads in Liferay. Thus, we can see which one it was in the past;

  • Separate Ad Viewer from Manage Ads in Liferay. In Manage Ads, admin or content editor will manage all possible ads with rules as mentioned above (similar to Journal portlet). Ad Viewer provides way to display ads (similar to that of publishing articles in Journal Content) in any pages.

Main Features

Here is a list of features ....

1) Publish Ads in any page via Ad Viewer.

2) Publish Ads in Journal Content

3)Search Ads

4) Preview Ads

5)Search Banners (from OpenX) for an Ad

6)Create Ads with banners plus rules



These portlets (Manage Ads and Ad Viewer) with source code is also available at You can download the WAR (ad-portlet plugin with source code) for both testing and customization.

Finally, I'd like to send special thanks to Thiago Moreira and Robert Chen who did an amazing job to make the Ad server integration a reality.  Also to everyone else that helped during development and providing feedback. 

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