Fav Podcasts / Germany / Facebook

I'm listening to and watching a lot of podcasts lately. Here's what's on my iPod:

Yeah, yeah... I still listen to Loveline... ever since my high school days late at night on KROQ. I wish they brought back the full hour free though. That 10-minute sample stuff blows.

My fav these days is GeekBrief with Callie Lewis! OMG, she is really up-to-date on her gadget and techie know-how, and plus, she is so darn cute!

Now, that's a good video podcast. *ahem*  Informative too! =P


Deutschland has been very.... German? I think the 3rd time here, I'm finally getting some culture shock. Germans really think differently. And they love their cars more than their children. I love this German fast food called döner kebap. It's a Turkish pita kind of thing
that's really popular here.

It's crispy and kind of like the German equivalent of a burrito, but with some yogurt sauce and some spice too, over the meat and veggies.

Work got me a 1-bedroom apartment in a suburb of Frankfurt called Langen. It's spacious and clean and kinda nice. It's crazy! I even have satellite TV and the director here is thinking of getting a car for me. That's all well and good, but how long is he wanting me to stay here???


Pics? Where are the pics? OMG, I've been so swamped and it's been so hectic. I'll post some later. For now, here is a pic that my buddy Jin tagged on his Facebook, from his wedding:

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Facebook was like... almost dead last year and Myspace was reigning supreme, but they really differentiated themselves by making it so easy for developers to create all sorts of neat portlets with their new Facebook Platform. Now Facebook is totally back with a vengeance! Good for them and good for Mark Zuckerberg (founder). He turned all the money down and answers to just himself! Nice!