Every 30 Seconds...

Every 30 seconds, someone becomes a victim of human trafficking. It’s a sad reality, and here are some common myths and misconceptions about this crime:

“Human trafficking victims always come from situations of poverty or from small rural villages.” 
Reality: Although poverty can be a factor in human trafficking because it is often an indicator of vulnerability, poverty alone is not a single causal factor or universal indicator of a human trafficking victim. Trafficking victims can come from a range of income levels, and many may come from families with higher socioeconomic status. 

“There must be elements of physical restraint, physical force, or physical bondage when identifying a human trafficking situation.”
Reality: Psychological means of control, such as threats, fraud, or abuse of the legal process, are sufficient elements of the crime. There is a wide spectrum of human trafficking forms of coercion and control. 

“Victims of human trafficking will immediately ask for help or assistance and will self-identify as a victim of a crime.”
Reality: Victims of human trafficking often do not immediately seek help or self-identify themselves due to a variety of factors including lack of trust, self-blame, or specific instructions by the traffickers regarding how to behave when talking to law enforcement or social services. 

At Liferay, we strive to enrich people to reach their full potential to serve others. At every Liferay Symposium, we like to invest in local communities and give back to those in need. This year, we’ve partnered with Rahab’s Daughters, a local Chicago non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness about the underrated problem of human trafficking within the United States. In addition to educating the public on the realities of human trafficking, Rahab’s Daughters rescues women and helps rehabilitate survivors with the hope that one day, they will be reintegrated into society.

Attendees at Liferay Symposium are encouraged to participate in the Stuff-a-Backpack Campaign that will take place throughout the event. Backpacks will be provided to attendees to stuff with toiletries and basic necessities to be given to victims upon their rescue. Additionally, Liferay Foundation will donate $50 to Rahab’s Daughters for each backpack that is stuffed. Together, we can support Rahab’s Daughters in their efforts to locate and rescue trafficked women.

Help trafficked women find a better life – one where they don’t have to live in fear. Participate in this year’s charity activity at Liferay Symposium. If you haven’t signed up yet, register with discount code LIFERAY250 to save $250. See you in Chicago!