Dynamic Navigation Menus - Vocabularies

We want to share some improvements that we had made to the site navigation menus by adding a new dynamic type and the preview ability when editing a menu.

The new vocabulary item type allows adding a Vocabulary to a menu with all its categories as a block and, if there were changes made inside, those changes would be automatically updated in that menu.

We have added a new entry to the item selector: “Vocabularies”. When clicking the Vocabularies option, it opens a pop-up where will be available vocabularies from the current site, the Global site, and Asset libraries connected. In the creation view, it is possible to select several vocabularies.

When a vocabulary is selected from the selection modal a single card is added to the tree representing the vocabulary, no cards for categories are shown. This card will show a label with its type, vocabulary, and an additional label indicating that it is a dynamic item.

Because it is dynamic, a vocabulary menu item doesn’t support having children. It means that this item can be sorted and positioned as a child of other menu items but it won't be possible to add other cards below as a child of a vocabulary item card.

By clicking on a vocabulary card the contextual edition menu is displayed. It offers the user the option to display the vocabulary as a level in the menu, by default it will be disabled. In case the user decides to show a level for the vocabulary, there could choose to display this level with a custom localized name instead of using the vocabulary name.


The contextual edition menu will a warning if the vocabulary doesn’t have categories and also will display info details about the related vocabulary, such as the site and the number of categories. There the user can change the related vocabulary by selecting another one.


We have also implemented the ability to preview the site navigation menu while editing. The preview view will open a pop-up that will display the menu and will display a selection where the user can choose the desired template to visualize the menu. By changing the selected template the preview will display the menu using the selected view.


We hope this feature is useful for you. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback about it!