Devcon 2018

Amsterdam, (6. and) 7.-8. November 2018

Did you already book your ticket for Devcon 2018? Early Bird ends in a few hours (14 Sep 2018) and I hear that the Unconference is solidly booked (not yet sold out, but on a good path to be sold out very soon).

If you have or have not been at a past Devcon, but need more reasons to come again: The agenda is now online, together with a lot of information and quotes from past attendees on the main website. You'll have a chance to meet quite a number of Liferay enthusiasts, consultants, developers and advocates from Liferay's community. Rumors (substantiated in the agenda) are that David Nebinger will share his experience on Upgrading to Liferay 7.1, and is able to do so in 30 minutes. And if you've ever read his blogs or the forum posts, you know that he's covering a lot of ground and loves to share his knowledge and experience. And I see numerous other topics, from the Developer Story to React, from OSGi to Commerce and AI.

Any member of Liferay's team that you see at Devcon is there for one reason: To talk to you. If you've ever wondered about a question, wanted to lobby for putting something on the roadmap, or just need a reason for a certain design decision: That's the place where you can find someone responsible, on any level of Liferay's architecture or product guidance. Just look at the names on the agenda, and expect a lot more of Liferay staff to be on site in addition to those named. And, of course, a number of curious and helpful community members as well.

And if you still need yet another reason: Liferay Devcon is consistently the conference with - by far - the best coffee you can get at a conference. The bar is high, and we're aiming at surpassing it again with the help of Thomas Schweiger.

(If you're more interested in business- than this nerd-stuff, we have events like LDSF in other places in Europe. If Europe is too far, consider NAS or another event close to you. But if this nerdy stuff is for you, you should really consider to come)

(Did I mention that the Unconference will sell out? Don't come crying to me if you don't get a ticket because you were too late. You have been warned.)


(Images: article's title photo: CC-by-2.0 Jeremy Keith,  AMS silhouette from Devcon site)

I'm going, but not for the coffee! The best part for me is the Unconference (glad I have my seat). Instead of having the agenda set, it is entirely up in the air and determined by things that interest the attendees. Last year I found some interesting ideas and one turned into a blog (the one on OSGi subsystems, ). Can't wait to see what comes out of this year's Unconference!