/dev/24 - a developer's stream of consciousness

If you write {curly braces}, this is for you! If you only read them, it'll help you to write.

Would you like to have your taste of community interaction and feel an advance of the spirit of the Unconference before the next Devcon happens? /dev/24 is coming - and contrary to the Unconference, it's even coming  to your corner of the world.

The theme for 2020, with all its travel restrictions, seems to be “everything goes online”. And for the “youngsters” that haven’t been around back then: Liferay was on the forefront of this trend: Already in 2013, James Falkner conducted a 24h Livestream event, community led, calling out to various people around the world. And this is about to be repeated.

After almost 20 years alive, Liferay DXP and Liferay Portal are reaching version 7.3 this year (or have already done so). And it's worth examining what's new.

Circle 24 September 2020 in your calendar. And circle it liberally, as the event will leak out into other days (before or after) in all but one timezones (to be determined). We'll reserve one full day, 24h, to talk about all things technical in and around the new version. Of course, it will follow the sun - or the moon - whichever you prefer.

This won't be your general polished conference: It'll be truly grass roots, community powered, counting on your participation. The call goes out to everybody who gets their hands dirty with curly braces - be it in Java, JS, CSS. Those who have created the new 7.3 features, those who have used them already and those who can't wait to use them. No matter if you're with a Liferay Customer, Partner, part of the Open Source community, Employee, or otherwise interested: Presentations, Showcases, Showing off, Tutorials and neat Tips and Tricks. Add in some fun, conversations, Q&A. Replace a good amount of Powerpoint et al with an IDE. Now you know what to expect.

Stay tuned for a Call for Presentations, likely within a week. And if you'd like to participate in  the agenda committee, or help organizing: please reply to "dev24" at (first hurdle to qualify: manufacture a good & valid email address from that). And if you have ideas and requests for what absolutely should be part of the event: Please comment here. We're still completely open to develop this into any direction that makes sense to you.

Looking forward to your input and participation!