Content Publishing updates

  1. First of all, we have implemented an ability for Staging, to handle Client extensions. This is a long waited feature, and we are happy to announce that we have managed to deliver it under the feature flag of LPS-188873. Important note: This is only one part of the feature. Frontend Infra team will implement the other half of it on LPS-182183: Move FrontEnd Client Extensions between instancesOPEN .

  2. We have made Publication’s review changes screen more user friendly, with adding some more details to split view.

  3. We have also added new configurations to Staging. From now on users can configure Staging to

    a) Ignore previews and thumbnails function. Previously the users could manually deselect these items during publish config. Here we have implemented a new configuration option, which automates this action. If the user unchecks the “Include thumbnails and previews during staging” then previews and thumbnails will not be considered during Staging process. This will improve Staging performance.

    b) Display Advanced Publication process by default. When the “Show advanced staging configuration by default“ is checked, then the Advanced Staging configuration screen will be displayed to the users.