Community Meeting in Paris/France


the swedish community meeting is just over and the french symposium is just around the corner. Nevertheless: I'll be in Paris in the week before the symposium, and I'd like to meet people there.

Save the date and spread the word: I'm aiming at Monday, 6. June, 19:00, but this is not completely fixed yet (see update below for comment). Also, the location is not fixed, but I'm aiming for the area around RER Gare de Rueil-Malmaison. If someone can make a recommendation for a bar/pub there (or easy to reach from there), please comment - this will be my first time in Paris and I'd hate to get lost trying to go, and this is close to my hotel.

Also, please be aware, that my ability to speak french (just as with swedish two weeks ago) is limited to approximately 10 words.

There's no agenda, no expectations, no dresscode - everything goes. (Speaking of dresscode: I'll probably wear a Liferay-T-Shirt to provide something visual to recognize)

Please comment below if you'd like to come, so that I get the idea of the size of table or ballroom to make a reservation for. Come back to this post to see the definitive date, time and location as I'll post updates here, or follow me on twitter for last minutes updates.

Merci, Looking forward to meet you there


Update: Time, timing, location or my disability to speak french - whatever it was, but as nobody RSVP'd until now (Sunday evening - and I probably won't have a chance to check during Monday), I'm probably going sightseeing in Paris on Monday evening, cancelling the community meeting. Hope to see you at the symposium.