Checklist for DMS Use Case in Liferay

Find below a checklist for Liferay’s DMS (Document Management System) Use Case: 

  • Size your document average size, range of size, number of documents, type, viewers, thumbnail requirements early

  • Decide the workflow templates for start plus growth per quarter & estimated workflow instances per day / week / month in advance which will run on your documents 

  • Size your file store and decide on SAN / NAS requirements early based on latency / size of documents / number of folders and so on 

  • Switch to advanced file store early if you have large number of documents - this is preferrable right from the start

  • Consider adding multiple repositories in advance if you have multiple file stores and a very large number of documents across repositories

  • Use case of DMS specific software other than Liferay working alongside Liferay mounted via CMIS protocol should be considered early incase of very large number of documents across repositories 

  • Full text / partial / multilingual search requirements should be planned early

  • Scanning integration if needed should be considered

  • Anti-virus considerations should be considered depending on use case

  • Response times should be calculated based on network latency for all users 

  • Mobile, responsive, desktop, laptop / universal views for documents need to be planned 

  • Cloud deployment use case in terms of blob storage / file store considerations should be done early

  • Separate Elasticsearch should be planned 

  • Access control, confidentiality, digital rights management related planning and requirements should be done as a prerequisite 

  • Liferay file store, Elasticsearch, data folder, filesystem and database should not be directly worked on - We should work via Liferay UI/Control Panel/Groovy/API and so on. Exceptions are there like reindexing problems, performance tuning and so on but they should be more exceptions than norm.

  • Include backup/restore in sync with database. Also in DR.

  • Leverage Ghostscript and Open Office / Libre Office for text extraction and conversion.

  • Include clam-av for portal-based scans when uploads are supported from external sources.