Call for Papers: Symposiums all over europe

The symposium season has started again -  Call For Paperslots of exciting upcoming symposiums in April and May in europe. While you have the chance to meet the Liferay folks in person, there will be room for a lot more than just this. We rely on your input for the presentations as well.

For this reason the Call For Paper is open again - we're looking for all kinds of interesting input: Including, but not limited to Customer Case studies, new technologies, experience reports. What have you integrated with Liferay? What particular functionality are you using? Which did you extend or use in a creative way?

The next symposiums will be:

  • Nordic (Stockholm), covering the nordic region: 25. April
  • Hungary (Budapest), covering central and eastern europe: 17. May
  • France (Paris), covering the french-language countries: 23. May

next symposiums

While the Nordic and Hungarian symposiums will be predominantly in english, we encourage you to suggest french presentations and customer case studies for the Paris symposium. However, please make sure your presentation submission is in english, state clearly the language that you're going to hold them in.

We want to make this exciting for the participants - get us excited with your submission as well. Tell us why you make a difference. If you have a video of yourself performing on stage or testimonials from other events: Add or link them. If you are going to include an unexpected spin: Mention it.

Note: The dates given are the actual symposium dates. if you want to submit a presentation, please note the deadline given on the announcements linked. If you just want to participate, note the early bird booking deadlines and get a great deal.