Just a quick post today about the new Blade 5.0 release...

It's out now, and you can update your local Blade using the blade update command.

This new release supports JDK 11.0.20+ (so you don't have to manually massage your settings.gradle files to support it), plus for new workspaces it will use Gradle 7 (7.3.3) as well as the latest workspace plugin versions.

For those of you who have not installed Blade itself, you can use the directions here for the manual install:

If you have an old workspace, you might want to consider updating that old workspace by:

  1. Update to Blade 5
  2. Create a new workspace but target the Liferay version your old workspace targeted.
  3. Copy modules, themes, configs, client extensions, etc from the old workspace to the new workspace. Check out my Gradle 7 blog for other changes you may need to make to build.gradle files.
  4. If not previously using the MegaJar/BOMs, update your build.gradle files to use those instead of individual dependency references and versions.
  5. Rebuild and test everything to see that it works!

Unfortunately for those of you using the Liferay IDE, Liferay Developer Studio or the Liferay Intellij plugin, those have not yet been updated for using Blade 5.0. And even more unfortunately, I have no ETA for when these will be updated to use Blade 5.

My recommendation - Install Blade manually, issue blade update from time to time, and use the command line to create your projects and modules. The IDEs (whichever one you use) should be able to deal with the changes made from outside the IDE (although you may be forced to refresh from time to time for major changes such as new modules and the like).

Let us know if you have any issues with Blade 5, Gradle 7, the new workspace, etc.