AUI Script - To Retrieve Selected Check Box Value in Liferay

          Everything inside of an aui:script block that contains a “use” attribute is called asynchronously, so it could fire right away (if the resources are on the page) or if the network resolution is taking a long time, it could execute later on.

Bellow is an example:

alert('not "using" any modules, Im fired right away');
alert('"using" aui-io, Im fired when its ready');

So we make sure never to define a function inside of an aui-script block that has a “use” attribute, unless we’re creating another module to be used.

But then how do you define a function that uses a module?
Luckily, we can use Liferay.provide.

For simplicity here I have used two field which will indicated the checked and unchecked value of checkboks and can easily get this value on action class, like bellow:

<aui:input name="addCommIds" type="hidden" value="" />
<aui:input name="removeCommIds" type="hidden" value="" />

Bellow given the aui:script code:

function() { = Liferay.Util.listCheckedExcept(, "allRowIds"); = Liferay.Util.listUncheckedExcept(, "allRowIds");

NB: listCheckedExcept is a javascript function
we can simply call this function as bellow:

<aui:button onClick="<%= renderResponse.getNamespace() + "saveEntry();"%>"value="save" />


Hope it helps..!!