Application Display Templates: Challenge Accepted!

It’s less than a week left until Liferay North America Symposium (NAS), the first of a series of events where we’ll have the chance to first-hand explain to our users what we’ve been working on this year. In particular, workshops will give us the opportunity to go deeper in some of our most popular features, as we will have the time to review and solve some real use cases.

In previous events we had shown you how Application Display Templates can change not only the look and feel but also the function of some applications. But in the NAS workshop we will demonstrate how they be used to change a whole site.  For this challenge we’ve prepared a full demo music site.

Our goal during the workshop will be not only to improve the design, but also to add new features by creating and applying new Application Display Templates to Liferay applications. For instance, among other many exercises we’ll see how to display our content as a chart or even as a map with the Asset Publisher.

And the challenge will go even further. Since our music site uses some custom applications, we will learn how to make them support Application Display Templates, so that we can also extend their display modes with new templates. See before and after:

Finally, for those of you who are so proud of your Application Display Templates that can’t wait for the world to see them, we will show you how make them distributable through Liferay Marketplace.

Sounds good,  doesn’t it? If you haven’t yet, visit the NAS site and register now! And for those of you who cannot make it for the NAS, you’ll have yet another chance in the Liferay Spanish Symposium and the Liferay Developer Conference.

Thanks a lot to Marcos Castro, for his wonderful design for the Music Site :-).

See you in Boston!

Great to see Cabina 14 next to U2 and the others - you know what that means when Apple calls...

Hope I'll be able to attend this workshop at NAS or DevCon (if it doesn't overlap with my schedule)
Great stuff, would like to show / share it with our (future) customers and partners!