Announcement: Social Office 3.1 Enterprise Edition Released

Our most recent update to Social Office EE for Liferay Portal 6.2 was uploaded to Liferay Marketplace today.

Social Office 3.1 EE provides several improvements over version 3.0 EE, released earlier in the year. You can view the changelog here to get a complete list of fixes and enhancements, but here’s a few of my favorite:


Improved Dockbar Notifications:


3.0 introduced the new, extensible notifications framework, allowing developers to add their own notifications. In 3.1 we’ve added several more options out of the box, so that you can configure and receive dockbar notifications for many of the assets you subscribe to (blogs, wikis, web content, etc). Additionally we’ve separated out Requests (actionable notifications) from Passive Notifications. This means you can quickly dismiss Passive Notifications in bulk while still retaining access to Requests from the drop-down until you chose to action them. Here’s what that looks like:





More control over Site Creation:


As part of our efforts to simplify administration for Social Office, we expanded our Social Office Configurations to include options for restricting site creation through the dockbar. Currently, by default, all Social Office users can create sites. Now we’ve provided an easy way to  remove this permission from the Configurations menu, allowing admin to halt the creation of sites temporarily, or delegate the permission to create sites to a subset of users. Additionally, we have provided configurations to restrict the site options available for creation through the dockbar. Here’s another picture to help explain:



Mobile Responsive Theme


We’ve continued to work on optimizing the Social Office experience on small devices. I’ve been playing around with it on my phone for a few days and its just looks great!



We’re already lining up the improvements we’d like to make for our next version so please upgrade or try our Enterprise Edition trial here and give us your feedback, so we can continue building the things you need.