Announcement: Liferay Faces Maintenance Release (September 2017)

On September 13, 2017 the Liferay Faces project received a maintenance release according to the new Liferay Faces Version Scheme.

The maintenance release addresses 226 issues:

Archetypes / Component Suites

The maintenance release includes updated archetypes for the following component suites:

  • BootsFaces 1.1.3 (NEW!)
  • ButterFaces 2.1.21 (NEW!)
  • PrimeFaces 6.1
  • Liferay Faces Alloy 3.0.1
  • ICEfaces 4.2.0
  • RichFaces 4.5.17.Final


The site has been updated with an archetype selector that enables developers to choose their desired combination of Liferay Portal + JSF + Component Suite in order to find project templates (archetypes), and determine dependency configuration.

Updated Component Showcases

Visit to test-drive our updated component showcases:

Updated Demos

Visit the demos page in order to find links to updated demo portlets that you can download and try in your Liferay Portal 7.0 / DXP environment.

Thank You

The Liferay Faces team has worked diligently over the past year in order to make this release possible. Many thanks to Vernon Singleton, Kyle Stiemann, Phil White, Juan Gonzalez, and Cody Hoag for all their hard work and dedication.