Announcement: Liferay Faces Maintenance Release (December 2019)

Preliminary Support for Liferay Portal 7.3

On 12/20/2019, Liferay released updated versions of Liferay Faces modules featuring support for the upcoming 7.3 release of Liferay Portal. For more information see the "Liferay Faces Bridge Ext" and "Liferay Faces Portal" sections of the recently updated Liferay Faces Version Scheme

The easiest way to upgrade is to visit the home page of and use the drop-down menus to select the Liferay Version, JSF Version, Component Suite, and Build Framework. The mvn archetype:generate command and the list of dependencies will update automatically according to the selected items in the drop-down menus.

Note that (at the time of this writing) the Liferay Version drop-down menu does not yet contain "7.3" -- we will be adding that soon after 7.3 is released.

The following table shows the modules that were released and corresponding release notes.

Module Artifact
Liferay Faces Bridge Impl com.liferay.faces.bridge.impl-4.1.4.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Bridge Ext com.liferay.faces.bridge.ext-5.0.5.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Bridge Ext com.liferay.faces.bridge.ext-6.0.0.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Alloy com.liferay.faces.alloy-3.0.3.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Portal com.liferay.faces.portal-3.0.3.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Portal com.liferay.faces.portal-4.0.0.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Util com.liferay.faces.util-3.3.0.jar Release Notes
Liferay Faces Alloy Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.alloy.portlet-5.0.8.jar Release Notes
BootsFaces Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.bootsfaces.portlet-5.0.5.jar Release Notes
ButterFaces Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.butterfaces.portlet-5.0.5.jar Release Notes
ICEfaces Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.icefaces.portlet-5.0.7.jar Release Notes
JSF Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.jsf.portlet-5.0.7.jar Release Notes
PrimeFaces Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.primefaces.portlet-5.0.7.jar Release Notes
RichFaces Archetype com.liferay.faces.archetype.richfaces.portlet-5.0.8.jar Release Notes


Please report any issues with this new release in JIRA and ask any questions in our forums.