Adaptive Media Released

I am very pleased to announce the first release of Adaptive Media available for Liferay 7 GA5 and Liferay DXP. Below you can find the links to download the app from Liferay Marketplace.

Download Adaptive Media DXP

Download Adaptive Media CE

What is Adaptive Media?

In case you are unfamiliar to Adaptive Media and you want to know more about how this powerful app can help you to deliver the right content to the right device I recommend you to read our official User Guide and Developer Tutorials.

In case you prefer a video, you can also see the presentation of the feature in Liferay Devcon 2017.

This is a sneak peak of what you can do with Adaptive Media:

The Adaptive Media app tailors media in your portal to the device consuming it. Since users often consume media on multiple devices that have different screen sizes and capabilities, you should make sure that your portal presents that media in a manner suitable for each device.

The source code of Adaptive Media is available in GitHub


Adaptive Media can be installed from Liferay Marketplace. The app is composed of multiple modules and all of them are installed by default, although some of them are optional. You can see a list and description of the module in the documentation. 

If you are installing Adaptive Media in a Liferay installation that has images added in Documents and Media you might want to run some upgrade commands using the Gogo console.

If you are interested in supporting animated GIFs you will also need to install a separate command line tool named Gifsicle as described in the documentation.

Adaptive Media installation in Liferay Portal 7 GA5 requires an additional step. Please make sure to read the installation documentation if you are using this particular Liferay Portal version.


Special thanks goes out to the Collaboration Team (formed by devs, qa engineers, designers, product managers, tech writers, etc) and for everyone in the community sharing their feedback and tests with the Adaptive Media early access beta program.

Bug Reporting

If you have found a bug in the Adaptive Media released you car report the issue on and select "Adaptive Media" as the affected component. 

Known Bugs

In Liferay Portal 7 GA5 deploying Adaptive Media will throw some console errors. These errors go away after restart and they have no functional impact on the application. This is reported in LPS-76624

Great job! I tested it right now and it works as expected.
I missed this feature for long time.
Thanks lot.

There is one small bug, if you add a repeatable image in a template, the code uses the image list instead of cur_images to get the fileEntryId.

I hope it will be available once for images added to web content articles via drag and drop.
Hey Severin,
It's great to know that you like Adaptive Media emoticon Thanks for downloading it and using it.
I appreciate your time reporting the bug. I have just fixed the bug and it will be included in the next GA and in the next Fix Pack.
You can see the fix here in case you're curious: