The JSR-286, Portlet 2.0 specification is Final!!

Several weeks ago we announced the compatibility of Liferay 5 with the final draft of the spec. and now it's been declared officially final. Thanks go to Stefan, the spec lead, for all his hard work during the last weeks dealing with legal and administrative stuff to make this possible.

I recommend you all to download and read the spec, because it has many interesting additions: Inter-Portlet Communication, resouce serving (very useful for AJAX apps among other things), filters, and more.

Brian just passed the TCK once again and .... yes we are still 100% compliant :)

TCK tests

Good news emoticon
Nice! =)

I think that we were a lot looking forward to that piece of news =D
This is a fantastic news. Congratulations!!
Following architecture page should now be updated emoticon
Good point! I've just updated it.

Thanks Manish.
can anybody show me how to configurate the authConfigType when want to run a tck test?
Hi wu wei hua,

Please use our forums to ask questions:
Can you tell me where i can download the portlet 2.0 tck testsuite.
I want to have one to do the Compatibility Test! Thank you!