4 More Reasons To Upgrade to 6.2

When 6.2 was first released, there was a lot of buzz surrounding things like responsiveness out-of-the-box, application display templates, updated control panel, and the recycle bin. We heard good feedback about these features, and they have served as great added assets to improve the user experience.

Of course we didn't stop there. By analyzing the trends of today while predicting the needs of tomorrow, we're building tools that are necessary to stay ahead of the game. Our goal is not only to provide the framework to meet your current needs, but also to anticipate what you will need to achieve your business goals.

Mobile Readiness

In 2014, mobile surpassed desktop. Not only that, but according to the US Mobile App Report released by comScore in August 2015, people are spending more time on native apps than on the browser. On top of that, Google now puts a score on whether or not your site is responsive.

Those who have a mobile-ready site will ultimately have higher ranking. So, the question is no longer whether you need a mobile strategy. The question is now which mobile strategy will be best for you. At minimum your site should be responsive. For those who want to go beyond the call of duty, Liferay has the tools to help you get there.


Liferay Mobile SDK

With Liferay's Mobile SDK, now you have a tool to build your mobile applications using Liferay as the backend. All of your site’s rich information can now be made easily available from your monitor to the palm of your hand.


Liferay Screens

Once you've built out a robust solution, it's time to make available on every device. With Liferay Screens, you can easily build your native mobile apps using Liferay Portal as the backend.


Liferay Push



From your control panel to your home screen, Liferay Push gives you the ability to send notifications from your portal straight to your mobile device. No longer do you need to be sitting at your computer with your browser or email app open to know the latest updates. Tasks, announcements, news articles, and more can now be sent straight to your phone or tablet.


Big Data

“Dashboards! Dashboards! We all fall down.” Data visualization is today’s future. Once you have a platform that is easy for your customers to consume, it’s time to start weeding out the noise. Tools like Google Analytics and Tableau help you build dashboards to understand the personas of your customers. Once you’re able to put people in groups, give them only the content that will be valuable to them. Time is worth its weight in gold and a minute saved is a minute earned.


Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting says it all in the name. With the AT app, you can now deliver targeted content to a specific audience or user. Your options range from delivering weather and news based on location all the way to full campaigns that help users navigate throughout your site to perform action steps like downloading files, signing up for trials or purchasing items.

Our engineering team has done a number of webinars introducing AT's capabilities. You can view the recordings below. If you're an EE subscriber, you can also contact your Account Executive for more information!


So, if you’re currently on 6.1 or below, it may be time to make a move.

If you’re on CE, we’ve recently released 6.2 GA4. Our community is full of developers who provide excellent advice on how to accomplish any goal!

For Liferay Enterprise subscribers, you have access to the latest Service Pack which is released regularly and can be found in our Customer Portal.

As 6.1 EE support comes to an end of premium support in early 2016, you’ll want to give yourself 6-9 months to do full, thorough upgrade which can include updating custom plugins, building new features, upgrading the database, QA, performance testing and tuning, and user testing. Reach out to your Account Executive or Experience Manager to discuss how 6.2 can enhance your visibility!


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Hi Ken,
Very good recap of the incredible features of Liferay 6.2. This blog tries to give things in a nutshell. As a good news we have already successfully migrated couple of Liferay portals from their earlier versions to the latest 6.2, leveraging all its new features. Keep up the good work.

Ahamed Hasan
Author, Liferay Cookbook