2015 themes

Hey guys, before this year ends I wanted to share with you some impressions and feedback which many of you have given me about the three free themes I have shared this year.

First, I would like to give you thanks for all positive appreciations: 5/5 stars, comments, almost 5.000 downloads, keep them all these months between more viewed in Liferay marketplace or even some collaborations through github to improve them.

But the more impressive thing for me has been that a lot of sites are using them as a finish solution and in differents ways that I never imagined and well, this is the reason why I'm writing this entry:


Differents ways to use the same theme:

Advice: These three themes have site templates which you will see after their installation.

Manzanita theme:

Download on marketplace - Github

This theme was conceptualized to create simple brand websites with a simple navigation. It needs a small logo like an icon and has an advance color palette settings and it is totally responsive:

That was the first thought, but you guys are using it to create:

  • Complex websites like insurance portals and intranets, adding a simple left sitemap portlet to create different navigation levels.
  • Blog sites like medium: It uses structures/templates which allow to create blocks with 100% width images or text blocks with limited width.
  • And the most awesome way for me was that some of you guys have used it to create product shop pages reusing content grid to show products and its modal to open the integrations with ecommerce solution.


Madrid theme:

Download on marketplace - Github

This theme was a tribute to my hometown, and all included pictures and videos are taken by me and are totally free:

I thought on it like a presentation page, in fact the theme includes an auto generated submenu which allow you to navigate between portlets at the same page, but here some examples about how you all are using it:

  • Product sites, type of page with a long vertical scroll, changing the navigation portlet index to show circles in a page side.
  • Photographer sites, with portlet index navigation as separators between types of photography.


Traveler theme:

Download on marketplace - Github

Theme with pictures of some of my travels and it was conceptualized like a modern travel agency, this theme is very different from what we are used to because it will display all portlets in vertically, and you will be able to navigate along them using big arrows. It also includes a good example of main configurable navigation, you can change the navigation side or the main color palette:

This theme has been used in ways like:

  • Portfolio sites: showing visual designs, pictures or videos.
  • Tours sites: A little instruction with illustrations.
  • Presentations like powerpoint or keynote: I have used this way
  • And the most impressive for me, an eLearning site!: each page is a chapter which has a portlet with topics and you can move free between all topics, the last portlet contains the chapter exam.


At the moment this is all, if you are using some of these themes in other different and creative way please let me know to extend this list and to bring us more possibilities.

More info about what I’m working on, Liferay themes or Liferay general world on my twitter @marcoscava