2015 Liferay Screens App Contest Winners

The summer is over and it's time to crown the winners of the 2015 Liferay Screens App Contest! We had some awesome entries in the first ever contest of its kind, but two of them really stood out as great examples of the power of Screens and Liferay as a Mobile App Development Platform. So, I am honored to reveal the winners:

My WiFi Directory - Sébastien Le Marchand

With My WiFi Directory you can store and retrieve your WiFi networks credentials, across all your Android devices. And the cherry on top: you can share some of theme smoothly with your contacts. This app got high marks for using several screenlets, including: WesterosViewSet, SignupScreenlet (with autlogin), LoginScreenlet, ForgotPasswordScreenlet, DDLListScreenlet, DDLFormScreenlet, UserPortraitScreenlet and implemented a "send SMS" Android feature (via an Intent). Moreover, there is a custom hook (my-wifi-directory-hook) deployed server-side.


Quick Message Board App - Jitesh Dadlani

The Quick Message Board App is designed to easily access Liferay Portal Message Boards from your Android Device. Easily sign up and scan through default categories. You can use this app to add, view and receive all the messages, category-wise from Liferay Portal Message Boards. Functionalities include: Sign Up, View Categories, View Threads/Messages, Add New Message and Reply Quick Message (Text only), and Add categories. 

Both apps are listed on the Screens Contest results page. Sébastien is also a former Marketplace app contest winner, and Jitesh has been super helpful with feedback to the Screens team about his experience in developing apps. But everyone who entered the contest deserves kudos for taking the time not only to learn Screens but also go through the process of submitting and getting approved for public app stores. So we're sending a small gift to everyone that participated, and want to encourage all entrants to a) make their app open source, so everyone can learn, and b) leave feedback to the Screens team about their experience.

Thanks and let's see if we can do this again next year!