/dev/24 Preview

See you on the 3rd and 4th of November

/dev/24 is almost here. Have you seen the preliminary agenda

Do you want to improve your Forms game? There's a talk for you. 
If you want to go code-less when implementing a site, there's a talk for you.
If you want to run BPMN process in Liferay, there's a talk for you.
How about using Async HTTP clients? Well there's a talk for that.

And more! Improving TreeFilter, Collection Providers, APIs, introducing InfoListProviders, using pure CKEditor 4 in Rich Text experiences, well, for all that, there are many talks for you!

Have a sneak peek at all these topics here: 

And if you already checked the agenda, you might be asking yourself about one Escape the Entrance item. Prepare yourself to be challenged to enter /dev/24 before everybody, as you'll be invited to solve a puzzle right out of the gate. 

/dev/24 will have its own world for you to explore, connect with others and become a chess champion (why not? Keep posted to get to know the details). In a few days you'll be able to register to get access to it, so stay tuned. Here's a quick look:

And if you want to help making /dev/24 there's still time to contribute as a volunteer hosting presentations, testing things, moderating chats, making sure everything is working as it should, etc. For that please contact dev24 at (turn that into an email address first).