/dev/24 is [still] calling for your presentation

Deadline extended until the 15th October

You thought "I'd love to present something on /dev/24" but totally missed the deadline of the call for presentations? Say no more!

The deadline for answering the call for presentations is extended until 15th Oct, 23:59:59 UTC. This is your final chance to come and help to build /dev/24 and also brag about what you have developed for Liferay Portal/DXP 7.4.

Right now all you need to provide is the basic information like the topic you'll be talking about, how long do you plan to talk about it (20-40 minutes) and your time availability. /dev/24 will take place on the 3rd and 4th November, so you'll have some time between saying you'll present and the actual presentation. 

And remember:

Don't worry about Power Point slides. /dev/24 is less PPT, more IDE. 
The call goes out to everybody who gets their hands dirty with curly braces - be it in Java, JS, CSS. Those who have created 7.4 features, those who have used them already and those who can't wait to use them. No matter if you're with a Liferay Customer, Partner, part of the Open Source community, Employee, or otherwise interested: Presentations, Showcases, Showing off, Tutorials and neat Tips and Tricks. Add in some fun, conversations, Q&A.

If you have already submitted a presentation, thank you! The preliminary agenda will be available soon, so you can take a look at what's coming.

And for those who are curious about this year's format, besides going 12 hours straight each day, we're going 8-bits! More on that soon.

If you want to volunteer for other help (hosting presentations, testing things, moderating chats, making sure everything is working as it should, etc), please contact dev24 at (turn that into an email address first). That email address is also available for further questions regarding the submission process.